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  Membership Details

The AWHA Ltd offers the following classes of membership: Ordinary Membership, Family Membership, Associate Membership and Corporate Membership. These classes of membership are described below. The membership year runs from the 1st July to the 30th June each year.

To become a member of the AWHA Ltd, please download and complete the membership application selecting the relevant Branch and forward the membership application with the appropriate membership fee to the Membership Co-ordinator. The application form is provided below. The contact details for the Membership Co-ordinator can be found on the membership application form along with the how to pay information.

Each NEW membership includes one free transfer of an existing AWHA Ltd registered horse valued at $20 inc. GST!

Refer to AWHA News for a Special Offer (effective June 2022 to August 2022) for new members!

All prices are inclusive of GST. If you have any questions regarding AWHA Ltd membership, please contact the Membership Co-ordinator, by emailing or calling 0409 604 545.

The AWHA Ltd Constitution below provides full information on how the AWHA Ltd operates.

bullet AWHA Ltd Constitution - December 2018   download   447 kb
bullet AWHA Ltd Membership Application   download   278 kb
  AWHA Ltd Risk Management Policy

The AWHA Ltd organises and holds competitions, shows, mare classification and colt selection days and a national tour throughout Australia. The purpose of this document is to provide a Risk Management Plan (RMP) to identify and mitigate the areas of risk associated with holding competitions, mare classification days, colt selection days and to maintaining integrity of the Stud Book registry. The main focus is to ensure the safety of individuals and the welfare of the horse at all levels of activity organised by the Association.

This document will define the following:
  • The process to identify, analyse and evaluate risk;
  • How risk mitigation strategies will be developed and deployed to reduce the likelihood and/or impact of risk;
  • The roles and responsibilities for the management of the risk; and
  • The risk outcome likely with the implementation of the RMP. 
bullet AWHA Ltd Risk Management Policy 2020   download   817 kb
bullet AWHA Ltd Risk Management Checklist   download   537 kb
bullet AWHA Ltd Risk Management Policy - Table 1   download   404 kb
bullet AWHA Ltd Risk Management Policy - Table 2   download   409 kb
  AWHA Ltd Code of Conduct

The AWHA Ltd Constitution contains provision that persons who are willing to be bound by the Constitution of the AWHA Ltd may be elected by the Committee of each class of membership, to be a member of the Association.

Please find below documents pertaining to the AWHA Ltd Code of Conduct for all members of the Association inclusive of its Administrators, Directors, Office Bearers, Officials, Competitors and Members, formalising the expectation for required behaviour within the Association. The AWHA Ltd Code of Conduct has been designed to provide fair and equitable standards for behaviour within the Association and at AWHA Ltd events, inclusive of guidelines for the welfare of the horse at AWHA Ltd events.

By signing the AWHA Ltd membership form, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of the AWHA Ltd's Constitution and Code of Conduct.

bullet AWHA Ltd Code of Conduct - 2014 AGM Motion 3   download   475 kb
bullet CoC - General and all AWHA Ltd Members   download   458 kb
bullet CoC for Administrators, Directors & Officers   download   459 kb
bullet CoC for all Competitors   download   462 kb
bullet CoC for Officials   download   461 kb
bullet CoC for welfare of the Horse   download   469 kb
  Why become an AWHA Ltd member?

Benefits to current financial members of the AWHA Ltd can include but is not limited to:

  • Services such as membership, horse registration, classification, DNA typing, etc.
  • The AWHA Ltd is a breed society, not a registry.
  • Ability to register and classify eligible mares and colts with the AWHA Ltd.
  • Free classifieds on the AWHA Ltd website with links provided from the AWHA Ltd Facebook page.
  • Free annual stud listings on the AWHA Ltd website.
  • Promotion of the Warmblood breed via state award programs, such as Branch Horse of the Year awards, Queensland State Dressage Championships, performance medallions, etc.
  • Voting rights at Branch and Federal level to determine the way forward for the AWHA Ltd.
  • Active promotion of breeders via free advertising of studs and stallions at promotional events such as the QLD Festival of Dressage and publications like Horse Deals and Horsezone.
  • Ability to enter in more classes and participate at Gala Day events as well as entry into Warmblood breed classes at agricultural shows.
  • Ability to purchase raffle tickets for items such as stallion services.
  • Mare classifier training which enables members to benefit from the many years of experience of our mare and colt classifiers. This assists members to improve the selection of Warmblood horses to suit their breeding program or performance purposes.
  • Participation in the Australian assessment tour for AWHA Ltd members and registered horses.

The AWHA Ltd is an Full Member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) ( ensuring pedigrees of AWHA Ltd registered horses are accepted by other overseas breed societies. The WBFSH is the major connection between the breeding organisations of sport horses and the Fédération Equestre Internationale (

The AWHA Ltd is comprised of volunteers who are committed to and passionate about promoting the Warmblood breed and also assisting members enjoy rewarding partnerships with their horses. Each branch conducts their own activities to promote the breed as well as members’ studs, stallions, etc. You can learn more about the AWHA Ltd via our About Us web page (


  Ordinary Membership

This is a single membership to the AWHA Ltd. Ordinary members are entitled to one vote at a meeting of members and may be elected to a Committee and the Board.

Ordinary Membership
The fee for Ordinary Membership is as follows:
Ordinary Insurance   $20.00
Ordinary Joining Fee   $25.00
Ordinary Membership   $80.00
  Family Membership

A family membership can include a person, their spouse (including de facto spouse), child or stepchild. Family members have two members who vote on behalf of all members of the one family and who are eligible to be elected to a Committee and the Board.

Family Membership

The fee for Family Membership is as follows

Family Insurance   $20.00
Family Joining Fee   $25.00
Family Membership   $105.00
  Associate Membership
Associate members may be owners or part owners of a horse or horses registered with the AWHA Ltd. Associate members shall not be eligible to apply for the registration of a horse. Persons under the age of 18 years wishing to become members may only become Associate members. Associate members shall not vote at a meeting of members and shall not be elected to a Committee or the Board.
Associate Membership

The fee for Associate Membership is as follows:

Associate Insurance   $20.00
Associate Joining Fee   $25.00
Associate Membership   $45.00
  Corporate Membership
Corporate members are companies incorporated in Australia which are registered on the Register administered by that class of Membership. Corporate members are entitled to one vote at a meeting of members and are entitled to have one representative eligible to be elected to a Committee or the Board.
Corporate Membership
The fee for Corporate Membership is as follows:
Corporate Insurance   $20.00
Corporate Joining Fee   $25.00
Corporate Membership   $115.00
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