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About Us

The Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd) is:

  • The oldest Warmblood organisation in Australia,
  • An Australia-wide organisation with branches in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia,
  • A Full Member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) ensuring pedigrees of AWHA Ltd registered horses are accepted by other overseas breed societies. The WBFSH is the major connection between the breeding organisations of sport horses and the international equestrian sport (FEI), and
  • A registered Australian company that is non-profit and audited regularly in compliance with ASIC regulations.

Horses bred under the AWHA Ltd banner:

  • Meet with the Association's breeding guidelines to provide assurance of the quality of horses,
  • Can point to generations of proven pedigree, and
  • Are bred for performance riding.

The objectives of the AWHA Ltd are to promote the Warmblood horse and to ensure that horses registered by members are considered suitable for performance in dressage, show jumping, eventing and driving, displaying qualities of correct conformation, correct movement with impulsion, balance and cadence that have suitable character and temperament and an ability to jump with style and technique. The Association aims to encourage and promote the breeding, improvement, exhibition and participation in competition of the Warmblood horse. Another important advantage of the AWHA Ltd is that it encompasses multiple Warmblood breeds such as the Oldenburger, Hanoverian, Selle Français, Dutch Warmblood, etc. which provides breeders with greater flexibility when breeding their horses. "Breeding the best from the best."

The AWHA Ltd was founded in the early 1970s in Victoria and was originally known as the German Warmblood Horse Association, because the earliest imports, beginning in 1968 with the arrival of the grey Holsteiner stallion Flaneur, were from Germany. Once the future for breeding Australian Warmbloods was established, the name was proudly changed to the Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited. The AWHA Ltd is the oldest Warmblood organisation in Australia to have, originally an 'A-Class' membership, and now a 'Full' membership with the WBFSH.

Through the 1970s and early 1980s, more stallions were imported and used over mares of varying breeds and types without any formal regulation. Recognising that indiscriminate matings must not continue if Australia was to produce a Warmblood horse comparable to those bred internationally, the Association introduced breeding guidelines to address the problem. The guidelines, based on European practices, were finalised in 1993 and were designed to maintain the integrity of the Warmblood in this country through classification and registration requirements. The guidelines are periodically re-assessed in accordance with the AWHA Ltd's commitment to best breeding practices.

The AWHA Ltd Stud Book consists of over 25,500 horses online and boasts an impressive field of both Approved and Licensed locally bred and imported Warmblood stallions and equally, of mares classified as Elite, Head Stud Book, Stud Book and Foundation Mares. As more and more Australians realise that in the world of serious equine sport, the Warmblood often has the winning edge, it is no wonder that Warmbloods bred under the AWHA Ltd banner are keenly sought by breeders and amateur and professional competitors. The slogan “AWHA Warmbloods are Winners” has never been more true.

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