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Reg No : 91.6561STV Breed :
Height : 0cm DOB : 8/05/1991
Colour : Grey Sex : Stallion
DNA : No Status : Listed IFS

  Stallion Details

Available for Service : Yes
Dam : ENNIA Standing in : Outside Australia
Cover available :
Frozen Semen

Junior is the name of one of The Netherland’s greatest dressage talents. He is naturally the successor of his father Uniform - the grey stallion of whom countless children do very well in dressage competitions.  As a 3 year old this was the sort of thing said of Junior: ‘as a riding type stallion, Junior is a fair, reliable and well-balanced stallion. The grey pays a lot of attention to work. The basic movements have lot of space, power, balance, and suppleness. His collection is excellent. As a dressage horse Junior has a lot of talent and gives his rider a very good feeling. As a jumping stallion, he has sufficient talent. At the stable and in work his temperament is very good’. He received performance scores of 7.5 walk, 8 trot, 8 canter, 8.5 dressage test,character, 9 behaviour, 9 trainability. 

Junior was overall Champion Stallion 1995, 1996 and 1997 in Holland. Anky van Grunsven chose to ride Junior as a young horse and to compete with him in Europe. In the past Junior with Anky won Prix St Georges competition in Mechelen (Belgium) with 70,21%, in Rucphen they won with 72,13% and at Indoor Brabant, Den Bosch they scored 70,21%. Gestion Junior STV made headlines under Dutch prima donna Anky van Grunsven. The pair won the Prix St Georges test at the CDI-W Malines, Belgium.

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