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SPR Horses
Address : 61 Shaws Pocket Road
  Luscombe QLD 4207
Contact : Linda Treur
Phone :
Email :
Web site :
State : Queensland

SPR Horses has been created to breed quality sport and performance horses by selecting top imported semen and pairing it with quality mares of imported bloodlines. By only producing a few foals per year, we are able to concentrate on the quality of the breeding, upbringing and training of our horses.

The property is set up to provide a natural lifestyle for the horses while allowing for easy caring and maintenance. By living as part of a herd, in large open paddocks all year round, they learn natural social behaviour giving them confidence around other horses and people. The varied landscape offered by the property creates a playground for all horses, allowing them to develop strength and hardiness. The result is a well bred, well built and well trained horse for riders of all ability.


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