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Jaybee Farm
Address : M/S 204
  Laidley QLD 4341
Contact : Bev Edwards
Phone : 07 5466 4240
Email :
Web site :
State : Queensland

John and Bev Edwards purchased 300 acres at Mt Berryman in the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, in order to set up a stud operation, run some brood mares and the cattle they owned at the time they were lecturing at the Queensland Agricultural College, University of Queensland, Gatton Campus.

Both Bev and John are very experienced animal breeders with a strong competition background. They are very aware that quality is not coincidence … it is governed by genetics! Bev has had a very successful career covering many disciplines and says, "If you want to ride a horse with an aptitude for the work and the qualities to take you through the grades, then you must be uncompromising when it comes to conformation, soundness, athletic ability and temperament."

Bev and John are 'hands on' horse people and their dedication and commitment to excellence has seen Jaybee Farm grow very quickly to become acknowledged as arguably one of the most successful producer of dressage horses and showjumpers in Australia. Bev says, "The position of Jaybee Farm today has totally exceeded our original plans and each new crop of foals brings us great joy and satisfaction – they just keep getting better!"

The Jaybee Farm broodmare band began with a selection of favourites from Bev's respected New South Wales stud, Diamond B. Bev chose the mares that passed on qualities that she wants to see in a riding horse. She says, "I aim to breed horses that I would like to ride myself!" The first foals to carry the Jaybee prefix and JZB brand were born in 1989. The broodmare band has grown from six back in the late 1980's to thirty in the current herd. Bev and John acknowledge that, quality foals come from quality mares and they are constantly striving to improve their broodmare band by importing proven international bloodlines and retaining many of their best fillies.

With the proven bloodlines that have stood the test of time … and our world class stallions … the best is yet to come!


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