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Settlers Farm
Address : 108 Settlers Road
  Royalla NSW 2620
Contact : Rachel Cecilia Regan
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State : New South Wales

Settlers Farm is a carefully maintained, fifteen acre property between Canberra and Cooma in the serene rural hillsides and valleys of Royalla. As equestrian professionals, we immerse ourselves in the local horse riding community, being actively involved in the ACT Dressage Association and the Burra District Pony Club. We specialise in providing individuals with the best instruction and facilities to support their specific requirements.

Rachel Regan is the owner, and instructor, at Settlers Farm, she has been working with horses for twenty eight years. Rachel began riding as a ten year old in Tasmania, attending Pony Club south of Hobart. Her first pony, Rusty, was no easy mount to learn on. He had firm ideas on the best path to take and the speed at which to take them. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and the relationship between Rachel and Rusty was certainly a perfect example of that. As an associate pony club rider, Rachel rode to Pony Club A level in eventing and open D grade show jumping.

Rachel now competes regularly in local dressage competitions on a six year old Warmblood, Callum Park Klaus. She trains weekly with local dressage coach Nina Boyd and monthly with EA NCAS level 3 dressage coach Carlos De Cleermaecker. While her competitive focus is dressage, Rachel maintains a keen interest in show jumping and eventing and holds regular clinics at Settlers Farm, with herself as coach and also hosts visiting FEI level coaches.

Whilst chasing the equestrian dream, Rachel pursued an academic career in Psychology and Education and achieved two degrees in these respective areas. She has taught in both main stream classrooms and special needs classrooms for fouteen years. Rachel lives at Settlers Farm with her husband, local accountant Ross Beames, her two beautiful children Isla and Riley, the kelpies Bozzie and Meg and the a paddock crew of five very special horses.


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