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  Saturday 01 June 2019
The AWHA Ltd offers the following classes of membership: Ordinary Membership, Family Membership, Associate Membership and Corporate Membership. These classes of membership are described on the AWHA Ltd website:

To become a member of the AWHA Ltd, please download and complete the membership application selecting the relevant Branch and forward the membership application with the appropriate membership fee to the Membership Co-ordinator. The application form can be accessed via the above link. The contact details for the Membership Co-ordinator can be found on the membership application form along with how to pay information.

Each NEW membership includes one free transfer of an existing AWHA Ltd registered horse valued at $20!

AWHA Ltd Special Offer for NEW Membership! Applies from 01 June 2019!

This offer will give you membership for the last 3 months of this membership year (June, July and August, 2019) plus membership for the next membership year (2019/2020) which is 01 September 2019 to 31 August 2020. This is the only time pro rata membership is offered.

To take advantage of this special offer, please complete the membership form, ensuring you add $25 to the fees listed on the form. Please also annotate 2019/2020 at the top of the form. Costs for 15 months of AWHA Ltd membership are:
  • New Ordinary member: $150
  • New Family member: $175
  • New Associate Member: $115
  • New Corporate Membership: $185
All prices inclusive of GST. If you have any questions regarding this special offer, please contact the Membership Co-ordinator, Shanna Antrim, by emailing or calling (07) 5320 8008.

The AWHA Ltd Constitution provides information on how the Association operates and is available for viewing via the link above.

The AWHA Ltd membership year runs from 01 September until 31 August each year.

Branch : Federal
Contact : Shanna Antrim
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