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  Monday 20 May 2019
AWHA Ltd Memberships & Registrations Administrator
Hello AWHA Ltd Members,

I am writing to advise you that due to a planned family move back to Austria, Silvia Ahamer is retiring from her role as AWHA Ltd Membership Co-ordinator and Registrations Administrator. Silvia will continue in her role as AWHA Ltd Federal Registrar, Director, Mare Classifier, Colt Selector and Judge until further notice.

On behalf of the AWHA Ltd Federal Board, State Committees and Members, I would like to thank Silvia Ahamer for her outstanding service to the Association. Silvia and her husband Karl are returning to Austria to be closer to their family.

Effective immediately, the role of AWHA Ltd Membership Co-ordinator and Registrations Administrator will now be fulfilled by Queensland Branch member Shanna Antrim. Shanna has served the Association in numerous capacities over the years and has been mentored by Silvia in the roles of Registrations Administrator and Membership Coordinator during this time. On behalf of the Federal AWHA Board, I wish to congratulate Shanna and also welcome her to this position. Any new applications for Membership or Registration, Classification, DNA, etc should be forwarded to Shanna.

Please read the attached letter for updates regarding contact details, etc.

Kind regards,

Claudette Johnson.
AWHA Ltd Federal President.

Branch : Federal
Contact : Claudette Johnson
bullet Registrations Administrator Letter   download   413 kb
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