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Claudette Johnson
P.O. Box 71 
Beaudesert QLD 4285
07 5544 9241

  QLD Branch

Welcome to the Queensland Branch of the Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd). To join the Queensland Branch, please download the membership form below and return to the Membership Coordinator whose address is on the form. The AWHA Ltd membership year is from the 1st of September to the 31st August.

bullet AWHA Ltd 2015/2016 Membership Application    download   86 kb
  AWHA QLD Branch Events Calendar

The AWHA QLD Branch has set all events for 2016. Please view the list of events below available for your participation:

  • 15-18 Jan 16 - AWHA Ltd National Assessment Tour (Queensland leg),
  • 25 Jun 16 - AWHA QLD State Championships (Gatton),
  • 26 Jun 16 - AWHA QLD Branch Colt Selection and Mare Classification day (Gatton),
  • 24 Sep 16 - AWHA QLD Branch AGM at the Norman Hotel, and
  • 22 Oct 16 - AWHA QLD Branch mare classification day (location TBA).

All Queensland Branch events can be viewed via the AWHA Ltd event pages: or Facebook event pages: Please remember to select Queensland from the drop down menu when searching for Queensland based events via the AWHA Ltd website.

  AWHA QLD Branch 2014 Gala Day Show

The AWHA QLD Branch is conducting the AWHA QLD Branch 2014 Gala Day Show. This event is being held at Gatton Showgrounds on Saturday 14th June, 2014, commencing at 9:00 am.

The AWHA QLD Branch would like to offer special thanks to our sponsors for supporting this year’s event. All current sponsors will be outlined in the schedule with links to their businesses and associated contact details. Without their generosity such an event could not take place. Please show your support for our sponsors as they have done for the AWHA QLD Branch and its members.

The Gala Day consists of classes for AWHA Ltd registered horses as well as open classes. All Warmblood horses competing in open classes must be recognised with a recognised breed association such as the Australian Continental Equestrian Group (ACE Group), Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd), Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (HHSA), Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia (HHAA), International Sporthorse Studbook Australia (ISSA) or Trakehners Australia. Horses competing in open classes must have a minimum of 25% Warmblood breeding in their pedigree.

The Show Secretary is Shanna Antrim who can be contacted via email Further information regarding the Gala Day Show can be found on the Gala Day event page ( You can also 'join' our Facebook event page (

bullet 2014 Sponsorship Proposal   download   67 kb
  QLD Promotional Activities

Throughout the year we will be holding a number of promotional activities at various equestrian events where we will be promoting our members stallions and studs. The largest of these activities will be a trade stand at the Queensland Festival of Dressage on 20 Sep 14. We will also have competitor packs at the AWHA QLD Branch 2014 Gala Day Show. Advertising material can be submitted for insertion in to these packs.

All current financial members of the AWHA Ltd are welcome to forward stallion and stud advertising material to the AWHA QLD Branch Publicity Officier, Shanna Antrim, via P.O. Box 145, Amberley, Queensland, 4306. All posted material must be received by Friday 30 May 14 for the Gala Day competitor packs and Friday 05 Sep 14 for the QLD FOD. Members in locality can also drop off advertising material to the stand on the day. Please note: material received on the day of the Festival will not be allocated to AWHA Ltd advertising bags. They will be on the stand only.

QSEC ticket sales:

  Colt Selection Day - Sunday 15 Jun 14

Colt Classification or Selection is the process by which the AWHA Ltd grades the best colts for breeding by assessing their conformation, movement and jumping ability followed by Performance Testing. The grading process also applies to imported horses which have not passed similar testing under the auspices of a recognised overseas organisation. The Colt Selection Guidelines provide further information regarding the process of Colt Selection. The following venue and date has been secured for 2013:

  • 15 Jun 14 - Gatton Showgrounds, Cnr Woodlands Road and Golf Links Drive Gatton, Queensland, 4343.
  • Applications for Colt Selection must be submitted by COB Friday 18 Apr 14.

To have your colt included in this year's colt selection process please complete the application for Colt Selection and return it to the Registrations Administrator, Silvia Ahamer, via email by COB Friday 18 Apr 14.

The application form for Colt Selection and other relevant information can be found on the AWHA Ltd Registration web page:

  Mare Classification Days

Classification is the process by which mares are assessed for their genetic potential for inclusion either in the Studbook, the Warmblood Foundation Mare Register or the Foundation Mare Register. Mares are assessed by two AWHA Ltd Classifiers and if they pass classification then their pedigree will determine which category of the four studbook categories they will be listed under. The breeding guidelines provide more information about this process.

The AWHA QLD Branch will be conducting mare classifications throughout 2014. The following venues and dates have been secured for this year:

  • 27 Feb - 01 Mar 14 - venue (Beau Cheval Warmblood Stud) and stud stops during the AWHA Ltd 2014 National Assessment Tour. Contact Silvia Ahamer via email
  • 15 Jun 14* - Gatton Showgrounds. Contact Claudette Johnson via email
  • 25 Oct 14 - Queensland State Equestian Centre. Contact Claudette Johnson via email

* If no colts are being presented for selection and minimal mares require classification, mare classifications will be moved to the afternoon of the Gala Day Show to be held at Gatton Showgrounds on Saturday 14 Jun 14.

  Mare Classifier Training

Further information coming soon.

If you are interested in partaking in mare classifier training, please contact the AWHA QLD Branch Secretary, Claudette Johnson, via email

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  Buying a Warmblood
Are you about to venture into the purchase a Warmblood? If so, the attached brochure contains a few pointers that may assist you, particularly if this is your first experience with this breed.
bullet Buying a Warmblood   download   573 kb
  Horsezone supports AWHA QLD Branch

Horsezone has offered the AWHA QLD Branch a fundraising opportunity. They understand that one of the most significant challenges is attracting sponsorship and here is how they plan to help:

Horsezone are offering 10% of a products listing fee as a contribution to the AWHA QLD Branch in the form of real sponsorship funding for all of our member placed listings.

How it works: when you list a horse for sale on you will be presented at checkout with the option to have Horsezone contribute 10% of the total listing fee to the AWHA QLD Branch. We will then receive the sponsorship money from Horsezone once the balance reaches $200.
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