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Bloomfield Farm Warmblood Stud
Address : 1246 Bloomfield Road
  Crossover VIC 3821
Contact : Axel Renz
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State : Victoria

At Bloomfield Farm we take pride in everything we do. From care of horses, breeding mares, training of youngstock, service to clients, the presentation of horses and farm, and quality of pasture; all areas of the stud business are important. Our farm consists of 126 acres which was previously used for dairy farming. Axel has converted the dairy into a 'reproductive barn' which is perfectly set up for all aspects of horse breeding. Axel designed and built our magnificent stable complex which consists of 22 stables, 4 wash bays, tack rooms and an indoor viewing area which overlooks the all weather arena. All paddocks are accessible via a laneway system which provides a safe and time efficient means of moving groups of horses.

Our broodmare herd includes a variety of quality mares; consistent producers with a good variety in pedigree, type and movement, to cater for the different requirements and tastes of our clients. All of our mares are bred to our current resident stallions and each year we breed 20-30 foals with the majority being available for purchase privately or via our annual auctions. Prospective buyers are offered a range of young horses, from foals to 3 year olds. Our Bloomfield bred youngsters have a great reputation when it comes to quality; from the superb temperament, impressive looks and movement, to the education and training they receive before leaving for their new homes.

The aim in our breeding program is to produce horses of exceptional quality, with natural talent to match the best in the world. It is vital that we keep improving the standard of horses produced through each generation, to ensure our Australian bred Warmbloods are competitive both here and overseas.

Stallions are selected and imported after many hundreds of hours of research. The end result is the combination of the very best bloodlines from Europe, whilst meeting the strict criteria required in choosing a stallion that will perform with success as a sire and in competition. He needs to be able to meet the demands of the Australian Warmblood market. He must be able to stamp his progeny with his own qualities, that will continue to reproduce through future generations.

The breeding of both stud mares and visiting mares is performed by Axel. For over ten years Axel has performed the reproductive work, using stud stallions and frozen semen, on 100+ mares per year, with a success rate of over 90%. The stress-free environment experienced by the mares, along with strict hygiene and exact timing of insemination, ensures mares are given the best possible chance of conceiving.

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