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  Wednesday 06 December 2017
Colt Classification BMS Krieger SDH
Congratulation to the owners of the beautiful young stallion BMS Krieger SDH Felicity Gilbert and Marvin Smink on his resounding success at his colt classification in October.
The classification was held at Russell Johnstone's property the Victorian Showjumping Stables in Whittlesea. Russell had been training Krieger in the fine art of free jumping and was apparently the closest trainer that could be found!
Our classifiers were the very experienced Willy Knauss, Ros Meadmore (Vic President) and Silvia Ahamer (Federal Registrar). Silvia had just finished with the AWHA stand at the Australian Dressage Championships and we thought we would get a bit more work out of her before she escaped, I mean returned to NSW.
BMS Krieger SDH is by BMS Armada and out of BMS Kimani and was presented by Marvin Smink.
The horse is definitely an athlete, a tall, black colt he was glowing with good health and should have been jumping out of his skin, except for the fact that he was a perfect gentleman and was totally laid back about the whole thing.
Moved beautifully, stood without complaint for the measuring stick and then into the indoor where he showed a natural aptitude for jumping (I believe he was supposed to be a dressage horse, but there may be a bit of jumping in his future now). Upon being ignored at the end of the classification (OK- we were chatting), he decided a roll was in order- what a dude!
I have to apologise for the photo quality, conditions were tricky, but the main problem was the operator (me) still being exhausted from the weekend. 

Branch : Victoria
Contact : Mary McBurnie
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