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  Thursday 22 June 2017
Sponsorship of Quirindi Horse Show - Warmblood
The NSW AWHA Branch are proudly sponsoring the Warmblood Classes at the Quirindi Horse Show which will be held on 19-20 August 2017. The classes we will be sponsoring are: 540. Led Warmblood Stallion any age 541. Led Warmblood Filly/Mare 3 yrs & under 542. Led Warmblood Mare 4 yrs & over 543. Led Warmblood Gelding 3 yrs & under 544. Led Warmblood Gelding 4 yrs & over 545. Champion & Reserve Champion Led Warmblood 592. Ridden Warmblood Stallion any age 593. Ridden Warmblood Filly/Mare 3 yrs & under 594. Ridden Warmblood Mare 4 yrs & under 8 yrs 595. Ridden Warmblood Mare over 8 yrs 596. Ridden Warmblood Gelding 3 yrs & under 597. Ridden Warmblood Gelding 4 yrs & under 8 yrs 598. Ridden Warmblood Gelding over 8 yrs 599. Champion & Reserve Champion Ridden Warmblood
Branch : New South Wales
Contact : Melissa Lee
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