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  Buyer Beware!
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You wouldn’t buy a car without checking that the seller was the owner, and that the car is registered. The same consideration should occur when purchasing horses.

When purchasing an AWHA registered horse, you should check that the Seller (current Owner) is listed as the Owner of the horse on the horse’s Registration paper or Passport. For AWHA registered horses, you can find this information on the right-hand side of the front page of the AWHA Registration paper (just above the Pedigree information – refer to sample).

The Seller (current Owner) must also sign the back of the AWHA Registration paper, attesting that they’ve relinquished ownership of the horse, as well as filling out the name of the new Owner on the AWHA Registration paper and noting the date of transfer (refer to sample).

The new Owner will then need to send the signed original AWHA Registration paper and proof of ownership (e.g., a signed receipt) to the AWHA Federal Registrar for processing. A new AWHA Registration certificate will be issued to the new Owner. AWHA Registration Certificates and Passports must always accompany the horse through all transfers of ownership.

The same principle applies for AWHA Passports – the transfer of ownership must be documented within the relevant sections, and then the Passport is forwarded to the Federal AWHA Registrar for processing.

If you wish to breed from your horse or participate in Breed Shows, it is important that you confirm the Registration status of the horse you wish to buy – before purchasing it. Please check the Registration and Classification status of the horse before breeding or purchase.

You can always contact your AWHA State representatives, or the AWHA Federal Registrar if you have any queries. 

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