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Registrations Administrator
Silvia Ahamer
P.O. Box 2425 
02 4884 4143

Website Administrator
Mandy Caetano
15 Butlers Corner Road 
Imbil QLD 4570
07 5484 5266

Membership Coordinator
Silvia Ahamer
P.O. Box 2425 
02 4884 4143

Federal Secretary
Jade Moody
20 Comic Court Circuit 
Darling Downs WA 6122

Federal Registrar
Silvia Ahamer
P.O. Box 2425 
02 4884 4143

Website Administrator
Claudette Johnson
P.O. Box 71 
Beaudesert QLD 4285
07 5544 9241

  AWHA Ltd Federal Members and Office Bearers
Federal President / Director - Claudette Johnson (QLD)
Federal Vice President / Director - Mary McBurnie (VIC)
Federal Secretary / Director - Jade Moody (WA)
Federal Treasurer / Director - Lesley Archer (NSW)
Federal Registrar / Director - Silvia Ahamer (NSW)
Federal Publicity Officer - Vacant
Keeper of the Studbook - Claire Lynch (NSW)
Head Classifier - Lesley Archer (NSW)
Website Administrator - Mandy Caetano (QLD)
Company Secretary - Lesley Archer (NSW)
Director - Beverly Hastings (SA)
Director - Cheryl Hatswell (SA)
Director - Gabrielle Adam (WA)
Director - Gary Johnson (QLD)
Director - Rosalind Meadmore (VIC)
  Annual AWHA Ltd National Championships

2019 AWHA National Championships and Classification Tour with Heather Adcock of the AWHA Ltd and Marilyn Powell - National Senior Inspector and Pedigree Researcher of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association!

The Federal Board of the AWHA Ltd is proud to announce our 2019 AWHA National Championships and Classification Tour commencing on Saturday 2nd March in WA and then following the Australian seaboard through SA, VIC, NSW, ACT and QLD.

The AWHA Ltd's objective is to promote Australian Warmblood horses without bias to any Warmblood breed. We are committed to promoting AWHA Ltd horses, breeders and our members.

For more information - please visit our AWHA Events Page or follow us on Facebook.

Classes available for AWHA Registered Foundation Mares (ie; Thoroughbred & Anglo Arabian).


AWHA Ltd Plaque awarded to the highest scoring AWHA (SB, WPRB, WFM, FM) Mare classified on Tour (per State)!!

Visit this site to watch a video on presenting your mare for AWHA Classification This can also be used for tips on presenting your horse in the AWHA National Championships.

The AWHA Ltd Tour Secretary is Claudette Johnson Phone (07) 5544 9241. Entries close on Friday 8th February 2019.

You can stay up to date with tour information via our Facebook event page. Please 'join' our event and be sure to invite your friends!

* Please note: all horses entered into the AWHA classes, must be registered with the AWHA Ltd in the current owner's name. Owners must be current financial members of the AWHA Ltd. Please attach a copy of your AWHA Ltd registration papers to your entry form.
* Where applicable: foals shall be entered registration pending, inclusive of foals that are not yet born, by the closing date of Friday 8th February 2019.

* Foals and Horses that are Registration Pending will be accepted at the discretion of the Federal AWHA Registrations Administrator.

Link to Membership forms and Registration forms.

  AWHA Ltd Merchandise

The AWHA Ltd has centralised the sales of merchandise. Available for purchase are AWHA Ltd polo shirts, patches, pens, caps and stickers with further additions to be made in the future. Merchandise can be viewed and ordered online via the AWHA Ltd website:

If you have any questions regarding AWHA Ltd merchandise or the ordering process, please contact our Merchandise Co-ordinator, Lesley Archer, via email

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  Buying a Warmblood
Are you about to venture in to the purchase of a Warmblood horse? If so, the attached brochure contains a few pointers that may assist you, particularly if this is your first experience with this wonderful breed.
bullet Buying a Warmblood   download   1,331 kb
  Mare Classifier Training

How to present your mare for Classification -

If you are interested in partaking in mare classifier training, please contact Lesley Archer, via email

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